弗雷德爵士: 阿米加准将

弗雷德爵士: 阿米加准将
弗雷德爵士: 阿米加准将

Insert Disk 收藏s 弗雷德爵士 for the 阿米加准将.

今天 ’s 复古游戏评论 is 弗雷德爵士 for the 阿米加准将. This rather obscure 复古的 gaming classic by Ubisoft was an early attempt to enter the gaming market for the company. 您 control 弗雷德爵士 who has been transformed in to a dwarf. The aim of the game is to rescue the princess from the gnomes and restore yourself to your full size. Ubisoft’s 弗雷德爵士 is graphically but suffers greatly from its control system. Still, if you enjoy obscure 复古游戏, this game may be for you.

问候收藏家,欢迎来到今天’的复古游戏评论。今天我们’回到1992年,再看看Ubisoft的一款晦涩难懂的游戏。它’s time to take another look at 弗雷德爵士 for the 阿米加准将. For full disclosure I’我本周使用了无限的能量作弊’我在这场比赛中仍然很垃圾。对于那里的收藏家’没什么比拿起你的游戏的感觉更像’ve been hunting down for some time. For me 弗雷德爵士 was one of those games. It was a game that I had played when I was younger but never seen in a decent enough condition to add to my 收藏ion. So what’s it all about?

Graced with strength and bravery, 弗雷德爵士 won the heart of a beautiful damsel. In doing so he has also brought on the wrath of the evil dwarf ultimor who has transformed him into a vulnerable gnome.In his quest to break the evil curse the dwarf 弗雷德爵士 must overcome the danger of magicians, flying monsters and numerous traps in order to regain the prestige that built his legend. From the off 弗雷德爵士 is full of inconsistencies. The box text refers to him as both a dwarf and a gnome. No big deal here as it’可能是原始文本是从法语起源翻译而来的。什么’游戏名称更令人困惑。方块将游戏称为“Sir 弗雷德”。但是,游戏中的标题将标题改为“Fred”. Again, it’s not a big deal but it there were clearly communications issues between the marketing and artwork teams and the developers. So, how does 弗雷德爵士 play? In a nutshell, not well.

您’ll find yourself wondering if your joystick is actually working. 弗雷德 can walk, roll, use his sword, jump and throw daggers. All of this is mapped to just one button plus the main joystick for movement. The whole control scheme is a bit awkward, the dexterity in the game character just isn’在那里支持避免弹丸和瞄准攻击所需的运动。另一个陷阱是武器系统本身。如果你站着扔匕首’路径会绕过较小敌人的头部。在您90%的敌人是侏儒的游戏中’对玩家来说是一个大问题。取而代之的是,我发现自己必须蹲下来才能取得直截了当的成绩。第三个要素可能是最令人沮丧的功能,’s that 弗雷德 can’请勿在楼梯上或物体上跳跃。如果您立即尝试此操作,他将像一袋死掉的侏儒一样跌倒在地。这令人难以置信。


那么,为什么我今天要向您展示弗雷德爵士,却在浪费您的时间?好吧’部分是怀旧,部分是与育碧的联系。现在以雷曼(Rayman)系列等专营权而闻名,弗雷德爵士(Sir 弗雷德)代表了公司’它已经在世界舞台上站稳了脚跟。因此,早期的游戏发行版几乎总是让完成主义者和那些想了解更多游戏历史的收藏家感兴趣。这使我们付出了游戏历史的代价。这是弗雷德爵士原始唱片的封面。对于收藏家来说,我们只是问自己这幅作品是如何获得批准的。弗雷德爵士很好,他只是没有’看起来不对。公主,是的,她’的剪贴画。而这到底是什么?它’一团糟。我真正喜欢的唯一部分是侏儒,矮人和妖精。它’s a shame as he’是我们唯一的一个’看不见。最重要的是’重新考虑花费150英镑来收集这笔钱或180美元左右。那个’是您为早期版本支付的价格。

What many 收藏ors may not be aware of though is the re-release of 弗雷德爵士 at a fraction of the price. This is the 弗雷德爵士 I have in my 收藏ion. Expect the standard game floppy disk, a black and with manual and a small format box. This edition was released in the “Action Sixteen” series. 行动十六 had a small amount of success in repurposing games after the initial run. I’ve not been able to find a reliable source but all indicators are that this game had a very low print run. With the original in scare supply this re-release was never intended to be a hit. 行动十六’s job was there to mop up any extra cash with budget releases. In terms of pricing I’d说陪审团对此事表示反对。我为复制品支付了大约15英镑的标记(’低于20美元)。价格虽然不’它反映了它的稀有性,但反映了收藏家的需求。

只是为了快速了解包装盒的艺术品。侧面板给出了明确的标题“Sir 弗雷德”. In the main artwork though it’s a bit of a mess. The rather ornate font in combination with the orange and yellow on orange and yellow background just seems like an odd choice. If you must insist on the same colours at least add a key line around the edge as was done on the side title. The artwork itself, well it might just be awesome. 弗雷德爵士 who seems to appear full-sized stands wailing on a couple of dwarves. It’s brilliantly tacky yet actually illustrated really well. 弗雷德爵士 is certainly a bit of a challenge to play. If you grew up in a post floppy disk game age you just won’t appreciate how non-user friendly some games were for the audience. 弗雷德爵士 does have its moment though, the animation on the characters are really great and the developers even throw you a bone every now and again by introducing a magic star. Hit this and it acts as a smart bomb killing everything on screen.

那里’原始开发人员还提供了一些不错的Easter Egg工作。在第二阶段仔细观察,您会看到“copy write Incal ’89” inscribed on the wall. For Ubisoft, 弗雷德爵士 was a stepping stone to greater success. Outside of 收藏ing circles it’s unlikely that most will know this title first hand. I really wanted to cover this game though as it does deserve some love from the next generation of gamers. It’s a great looking and great sounding game. 弗雷德爵士 may now be relegated to the gaming vaults for most 收藏ors but it will always bring back childhood memories for myself. Terrible…沮丧的童年记忆……